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Our story

Years ago, when I flipped a jar of nappy cream over and had a look at what I was putting on my son's bum, I was horrified. There were so many chemicals in that little container that I couldn't pronounce, let alone identify. Experimenting with well-known essential oils and their traditional benefits, I found various solutions to common issues that parents face with young children.

The effectiveness of using different essential oils to support my children's wellbeing for years encouraged me to study Aromascience which provided me with in-depth knowledge of the essential oil properties and uses. The realization that so many products are unnecessarily overloaded by man-made products inspired me to share the benefits I had gained through experience and study. And so RuaKids, a natural range of products for babies and toddlers, was born.

I'm inspired to design products for babies and toddlers that parents can understand and trust. Our core philosophy is that we are parents too, we want the best for our children and yours.

I really hope you enjoy the products as much as we do.

Carolina and Neil


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